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by Lakindu Jayasena
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Greetings from SysOps Technix…!!! ? SysOpsTechnix is a leading Website/Blog for IT SysAdmins that commenced operations in November 2020, that build to share my knowledge and experiences with others. The site contents publish real-world practical scenarios, how-to guides, and tips & tricks to get done day to day operations easily for IT SysAdmins.

My audience is primarily focused on Technology seekers,  IT professionals, and SysAdmins. I’m always aiming to deliver our readers the most accurate and abundant information that makes technical processes easy to read, understand, and follow format. I’m trying to arrange all the articles that I publish professionally, not too complex so that anyone can read it and potentially follow it without any confusion or complexity.

Who keeps this blog live?

I’m Lakindu Jayasena and I have completed B.Sc. Special (Hons) in IT (Computer Systems and Networking) and currently working as a Senior Systems Engineer with 5+ years relevant experience on various technological scopes such as Linux System Administration, Network Administration, Microsoft Technologies and Cloud Technologies such as AWS, Azure and Oracle. I’m interested in blogging & posting new articles on the sysopstechnix.com site with my own experience and to share the knowledge with everyone by helping them solve technical problems and queries related to the same. I’m continuously learning new technologies and all possibilities to improve myself every day.

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